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Restorative Dentistry

The Value of Conservative Dentistry

Recent modern advances in adhesive dentistry have changed the way we perform dental restorations, giving us the ability to accomplish our restorative goals by removing far less tooth structure than in the past. There are many advantages to modern conservative dentistry techniques, including longevity, strength and beauty of the restorative work.

Your smile is one of your greatest assets, and when something goes wrong with your oral health, it impacts more than your confidence. It can affect your general health and well-being, which is why so many patients in the Cincinnati area rely on The Wachendorf Dental Group for their custom restorative dental care.

We have said it before but we think it is definitely worth repeating: when we care for your smile, we care for all of you. That means we make sure that your restorations feel and function the way nature intended – and that they look that way too!

While we can restore any problem that develops, the truth is that no man-made restoration is as good as your own tooth. That is why we practice conservative dentistry and do all that we can to preserve as much of your original tooth structure as possible for longer-lasting smiles and a more stable outcome.

Dental Crowns

If your teeth have been badly damaged and need structural support, our dental crowns may be just the treatment option you need in order to restore your smile.

Because we believe in conserving as much of your natural tooth as possible, we suggest either full-coverage crowns or mini dental crowns to many of our patients.

Crowns, also called posterior veneers, are custom-made restorations that comfortably and securely repair fractured teeth or teeth that have failed or failing fillings. Many teeth that have had root canal therapy may also need to be covered with a crown.

Even if your teeth only need a little bit of support or you have a large cavity, dental crowns can still be a great solution. Mini crowns are a stronger alternative to composite-resin fillings and are especially helpful when placed on the back teeth, where most of your chewing force is concentrated. Mini crowns strengthen and beautify your tooth just as a full-sized crown does but they cover less of the tooth.

With mini crowns, much less of your natural tooth is removed; studies have shown that keeping more natural teeth leads to increased longevity of the restoration.

We have an outstanding reputation for the natural appearance and lasting quality of our dental restorations. Contact us for an appointment and discover for yourself how we can bring your teeth back to optimum health and strength.

Dental Implants

An Innovative Solution for Missing Teeth
Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Used to replace missing or lost teeth with the use of partials or dentures, dental implants are growing in popularity for their superior comfort and function as a tooth replacement. Why? Dental Implants actually replace both the tooth and the tooth’s root so you can eat, speak and live with complete confidence! Missing teeth do not stimulate the gums, which typically results in gum and jaw bone recession.

Because of our reputation for excellence, many people turn to The Wachendorf Dental Group for the planning and creation of their implant restoration crowns — the false teeth attached to dental implants after the implants have been successfully placed in your jawbone.

Once the surgeon has placed the implant and it has healed, The Wachendorf Dental Group can offer a variety of replacement options:

  • Single tooth replacement with an implant crown custom-crafted to perfectly blend with your natural teeth.
  • Implant-supported bridge to replace several teeth. These are anchored to the implant posts for a beautiful and secure bridge that lets you enjoy your favorite foods and have a great smile to show off!
  • Implant-supported denture to help create a comfortable bite, reduce chances of bone loss, enhance aesthetics and improve your speech. There is no longer any need to use adhesives or worry about teeth slipping while you are talking.

Not sure which implant option is right for you? Book a free consultation to learn how dental implants can change the way you think about missing teeth options.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Replacing Teeth, Renewing Smiles.
Missing a tooth or teeth can affect you in many ways. For example, it can make eating difficult, and therefore cause nutritional deficiencies. Missing teeth can also cause the surrounding teeth to shift and move out of balance, ruining your aesthetic appearance. TMJ symptoms, such as chronic pain and headaches, have also been associated with missing teeth.

Missing a tooth or teeth can make life hard: smiling becomes embarrassing, eating becomes difficult and even talking can be uncomfortable. Even worse, missing a tooth or teeth can affect your overall health.

If you are looking for a stable, more permanent solution to missing teeth but are not a candidate for dental implants, we recommend a fixed dental bridge — a customized porcelain tooth or teeth held in place by porcelain crowns bonded to the teeth on each side of the missing tooth. As the bridge is cemented or bonded on the teeth, you never need to remove it as you would with dentures.

If you are missing one or more teeth, learn more about your options, including fixed dental bridges, by booking a free consultation at our office.

Full Mouth Restoration

Revitalizing Smiles for Total Health and Comfort
Here at The Wachendorf Dental Group we often see smiles that no one has seen for a long time – smiles that have been hidden and suppressed.

These are some of our most important cases and we handle them with extreme care and compassion. We are here to help anyone with oral health issues find a smile that not only looks better, but that also functions well and feels natural, and naturally your own.

Full mouth restoration dentistry involves restoring the teeth, bite, and muscles to a healthy function and appearance while helping to improve self-esteem and enhance aesthetics. Each full mouth restoration is individually designed and tailored to help you look great and feel better than ever before.

Contact our office for a free consultation on how you can achieve a smile that’s uniquely yours.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

A Healthier Choice for Cincinnati Dental Patients
Unlike the unattractive and potentially harmful silver mercury fillings that were used in the past, tooth-colored fillings are designed to be the same shade as your own teeth, creating a seamless restoration.

Silver mercury fillings can actually cause damage to the teeth by shifting and allowing bacteria to enter the tooth, therefore weakening the tooth and giving it a higher chance of chipping or cracking. Tooth-colored fillings can be prepared in a less invasive way, and saving more of your own tooth structure is one of our main goals at our office. Smaller fillings lead to a longer life for teeth that have been affected by tooth decay.

With our tooth-colored fillings, you and your family can enjoy smiles that don’t have noticeable fillings. For more information about tooth-colored fillings or to book an appointment, contact our office.