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Dental Sealants

Protect Your Kids’ Teeth With Dental Sealants

We take extra steps to protect your children’s teeth from harm, and your children from pain. In fact, our dental sealants are so effective we call them super sealants! Dental sealants are part of our preventive dentistry because they offer essential protection for teeth, especially molars and premolars, by forming a thin shield over their chewing surfaces. This invisible barrier acts as a defense against cavities, blocking out food particles and bacteria that can lead to decay. Sealants are painless to apply, requiring no drilling or anesthesia. They are particularly beneficial for children, as their developing teeth are vulnerable to decay. By preventing early dental issues, sealants contribute to long-term oral health, reducing the need for extensive treatments and potential discomfort.

Super sealants are applied in a way that makes them last a very long time and become an effective protective barrier against cavities. Dr. Wachendorf takes the time to air abrade any and all debris out of the deep grooves of the tooth. If there is any sign of decay in those pits and fissures, we make sure nothing is left behind. Each individual tooth is then scrubbed with an antibacterial cleaning agent, rinsed, etched, and rinsed again. Once all debris and early decay is removed, we carefully and thoroughly dry the teeth before the dental sealant is placed and light-cured. This technique has been proven to prevent the start of cavities in the deep grooves of permanent teeth.

Call our office to schedule an appointment or request an appointment to see if dental sealants are an option to protect your kids’ teeth from cavities and decay.